Harrobia Eskena: promoting inclusive theatre

Harrobia Eskena

Everything in this world seems to be about image. Sadly, not all of the districts within a city have the same image and personality. Having most of them a thrilling and vibrant cultural and social life, their impact and image does definitely not match that. It should not be like this. And this is what the performing arts innovation centre Harrobia Eskena is trying to prove.

Harrobia Eskena is much more than a performing arts innovation centre. Besides being a high performance centre of theatre production, they are also devoted to providing visibility and to boosting the cultural life of their district.

Harrobia Eskena: theatre and inclusion

Harrobia Eskena have set themselves to renew their district’s image doing what they do best: theatre. This is why they have engaged in several community projects in addition to their main activity.

Among them, the first school of Theatre for the Opressed of the Basque Country (Spain). A school that is open to all that aims to use arts as a vehicle to work through conflicts. They are able to build links and strengthen the relationships within their community generating more inclusive and vertebrated districts and cities.

“Building dreams”, another one of their projects, aims to include and integrate people in a different way. In this case, they use dance and theatre so that young people at risk of exclusion can play a different role in society, as well as learning to express themselves.

Much more than a theatre production

Definitely, Harrobia Eskena is a clear example of how arts and culture can contribute to social cohesion and to the transformation of districts and cities. Because theatre is about sharing, about expression. And this is what is essential when addressing different conflicts and issues within a community.

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